saving values from Keil 8051 compiler

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Hello list,
           Thank you for bothering to read the post here on
      I am facing a problem halfway through a developmenmt process. I
am using Keil 8051 compiler for writing an application with the
AT89s8252 as the target device. The code is being written in "Embedded
C". At this point i am using a 50x50 array in the program whose values
i want to retrieve and keep for later use and analysis. This is so
because i need to perform some statistical analysis on the results
which is in no way possible through Keil.
       How can i have the array results saved to some external file ?
Or how even can I extract the results or array values for later use
and analysis ?
       One more problem that I am facing is that even if i declared a
2500 cell array, after the program is over, the Keil compiler Watch
window doesn't show the variable values upto 2500[it is typically upto
~106]. Is this a bug in the program, or device doesn't support this
much of memory, or is it the compiler ???

waiting for a reply and lastly thank you for reading the post.

Re: saving values from Keil 8051 compiler
On 25 Nov 2004 09:25:43 -0800, the renowned

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The AT89S8252 has 256 bytes of RAM internally. Not all of those will
be available for variable storage.

Where are you planning on storing 2500 objects of whatever size it is
that you ar using? An external RAM? If so, see the compiler manual on
how to use that. External RAM is accessed differently from internal
RAM in the 8051.

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Spehro Pefhany
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Re: saving values from Keil 8051 compiler

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In uVision help, look for debugger SAVE command.

If your array is a simple one (not array of structures), you can look at
your data in the
memory window by typing the array name in the address field and selecting
data representation (char, int float etc.)



Re: saving values from Keil 8051 compiler

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Maybe you could dump all the variables over the serial port? With a terminal
program you can write the data to a file and analyse it.


Re: saving values from Keil 8051 compiler
I don't fully understand the problem, but if generating a file on the fly,
and sending it to a terminal program through the serial port is a possible
solution, then maybe this will help.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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