SABRE BinDiff v1.6 released

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Hey all,

SABRE Security GmbH is proud to announce the release of SABRE BinDiff
an advanced code comparison and IDA disassembly migration tool.

SABRE BinDiff v1.6 is an extension to the popular disassembler IDA Pro.

Do you need to analyze multiple variations of essentially the same
program ?
Do you need to understand the changes between two versions of a program
Are you trying to detect code theft ?
Are you faced with having to disassemble the same piece of software in
multiple different versions ?

SABRE BinDiff uses a unique graph-theoretical approach to allow
comparison of executables by identifying identical and similar

SABRE BinDiff allows you to:
* Identify identical and similar functions in different binaries
* Port function names, anterior and posterior comment lines,
standard                 comments and local names from one disassembly
to the other
* Detect & highlight changes between two variants of the same

SABRE BinDiff can analyze executables compiled for the following
* x86
* PowerPC (planned for 2004 q4)
* ...or any other architecture IDA supports (experimental)

So if you have to disassemble the newest version of some code and you
heavily commented disassemblies of previous versions, you can use SABRE
BinDiff v1.6 to port the comments and names from your old disassemblies
the new ones. Furthermore, you can save time by just examining the
between the versions instead of re-analyzing the entire new piece of

More information, including a description of the underlying algorithms,
screenshots, and a whitepaper can be found under
Thomas Dullien
SABRE Security GmbH

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