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Hello Everyone,
I recently inherited a design based on Infineon C167 microcontroller
with Rigel Reads 3.1 software to program it. I have never done any
microcontroller programming before and since this doesnt seem to be
very popular microcontroller, there is not much I could find on the
net. There were a couple of books on it but I believe they are in
german only. However I have to work on it and so it will be great help
if people who have worked on this can guide me in the right direction.
That includes any suggestions on software, development boards, books
etc. Also it seems that there is are no topics discussed on this chip
since 2002. Is this microcontroller obselete or about to go out? Thanks
in advance for any suggestions.

the C167 was recently made by Infineon but now ST makes the chip. You
can also use the C168 of ST10, they should be compatible.
C compilers are available from KEIL, TASKING which will cost around
5000USD. Except of the expensive compilers, debugging is a sore spot of
this controller family.
I would not use it in a new design, if I had the choice.
Because it has no debug interface you have to use sw-emulators or
costly hardware emulators.

I guess ST10C168 will run for several years, because it is (was) a
common used uc.
You can find documentation on the website of manufactors.
Please let me know which developmentenviroment you use.

Wolgang Kopp

Thanks For the reply. The problem is I dont have a choice and I have
the design and an application based on this microcontroller.  Also I
have Rigel Software to program this uC. The place where I work want me
to improve this design and seems like that will be a better option than
changing to a different uC now. However Infineons website still show
C167 and they have something called DAvE to initialise the C167.

I guess what I am looking for is may be a book where there is more
information on use of this uC. Thanks

Hi anonymous,

thats what we do also- we have to live with the design and work with
it. I just don't recommend the uc for a new design.
But first thing you need is a development enviroment, if you aren't
stuck to an existing one.  


Pardon my ignorance but what do you mean by development environment? Do
you mean the software used to develop the code or the development board
used to develop the application or both? Thanks


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I suggest that you talk to Hitex -  they sell the Keil C compiler for C167
and related processors and a range of hardware emulators.

It's a while since I used a 167 but it's actually a pretty good processor.
The latest Infineon parts in the family are the XC series which have on chip
debug and go a lot faster but are fairly comaptible. If you can't switch to
one of these the serial port debug support in the Keil tools is quite good
and will even work with a software emulated serial port so that you don't
use up a real one.

I have found that the support from ST is a bit variable and their 167
variants have diverged completely from the Infineon parts (initially ST
licensed the core from Inf).

Hitex have some tutorial stuff about the 167 which is very helpful if you
start from nothing.


sorry, I did not get it: Rigel Sw is your development enviroment. I had
a short look their HP. It includes a c-compiler and a sw-monitor for a
fair price.
Any comments about it?


the 167 is a good candidate to be used in vehicles (cars) because some
flavors of them have CAN modules included. White papers should be
available at Infineons homepage.

Development boards:

Flashing the code to the controller might cause some troubles, by using
RTOS, application programming in C is quite straight forward.

About books you're right, they're in German (which is good for me :-) So
  far I couldn't find anything in English (@Amazon), but there are some
papers available on the web.

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