RTX51 for CAN based applications

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Im using KEIL PK51 for developing CAN based applications. Im using
philips P87C591 model with in-built CAN controller.I have written a
sample code for CAnopen and now want to include Multitasking feature
to it. The RTOS provided by KEIL called RTX51TINY,doesnt seem to
support CAN based functions.Iam intending to purchase RTX51 full,which
has some CAN based functions.I searched the KEIL website but didnt
find any manual explaining the RTX51 full CAN functions.I dont have
much idea about the RTXfull and this is the first time im using it. If
anyone have already worked with RTX in CAN baseed applications,please
share your experience with me. Also,is it possible to use the Round
Robin feature of the RTX51TINY to implement CAN functions?



Re: RTX51 for CAN based applications

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What kind of support are you looking for?  I don't quite see why an
RTOS would need any special support for CAN --- it's just another
piece of interface hardware integrated with the microcontroller core.

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I guess your best bet would be to ask Keil directly, rather than fish
for the necessary information here.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker ( snipped-for-privacy@physik.rwth-aachen.de)
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Re: RTX51 for CAN based applications

The RTX51TINY which is included along with the KEIL PK51 will run only
on single chip 8051 systems without any external data memory.It doesnt
support any of the CAN functions such as can_task_create(create the
CAN communication task),can_hw_init(CAN controller hardware
init),can_def_obj(define the communication
objects),can_start,can_stop,can_send,can_write..ETC...All these
functions are included with RTX51full. Also,while using RTX51TINY,i
observed that it consumes a lot of resource in the target hardware.I
wanted to know the performance comparison of the RTX51full with any
other available RTOS of similar kind,in terms of resource consumption
in the target hardware.Hope this makes it clear.


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