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    Can any one tell me how to start porting a RTOS on ARM. I mean wha
exactly should i Study to port a RTOS.
Thank You.

Re: RTOS porting

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The FreeRTOS WEB site has reproduced a report written by two students that
details their porting efforts.  Take a look at the ColdFire port pages, also
the "How FreeRTOS Works" might be of interest.    URL in signature below.



Re: RTOS porting
Your development board should come with startup assembler code for
getting RAM, etc. to work.  And your compiler vender should give you
the rest to get a c/c++ environment up & running.  I always get a small
c/c++ program up & running first.  Then, I port the RTOS.  Note, each
RTOS has it's own porting guide.

If you lack experience with an RTOS, you might find the book
MicroC/OS-II by Labrosse helpful.  It's a real small RTOS and I'm sure
it's been ported to arm.


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