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Re: rtos features

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Before embarking on this quest you might want to ask yourself the
following questions as this might help in reducing the likely RTOS

1. Do you require source code?
2. How do you want to pay for it:
    a) free
    b) one-off licence
    c) royalty per unit sold
3. What type of support do you want:
    a) none
    b) internet/email
    c) phone
    d) local rep
4. What compiler tools are you going to use. Will the code be written
in C, C++ or Ada?
5. What debugging tools are you going to use? If you're using an
in-circuit emulator do you want it RTOS-aware?
6. Are you likely to use other micros apart from the ARM7 in the
7. What is your test strategy? Is it required to have a variant of the
RTOS run on a PC for executing test vectors?
8. Is the intended product of High Criticality? Is it a medical
9. Does the RTOS need to comply with certain API's such as POSIX,
10. Is a filesystem required?
11. Is there networking, TCP/IP stack?
12. Is there a large LCD type display?
13. What is the level of expertise of the software developers? Do they
need training in the RTOS?
14. Does it worry you that some RTOS vendors may not be around in 5
years time?

Anyway something to think about.


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