RS232 on PocketPC

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I'm looking for a handheld PC running Windows (CE/Mobile) with a RS232
Or unless someone can inform me about whether a USB-to-RS232 device works on
these devices?

Thank you,

- Joris

Re: RS232 on PocketPC
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I've run comms ports on iPAQs over both USB and Bluetooth so, yes, it works.


Re: RS232 on PocketPC

I use IrDA for serial comm with PocktPC. Easy programmable in Studio and
almost on every handheld.


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Re: RS232 on PocketPC

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  This question is better asked in sci.geo.sattelite-nav believe it or not.
There is some demand for PDAs with serial ports so you can plug your GPS unit
into them.

  Generally speaking, the mid to higher end units have serial ports, the lower
end (cheap) units generally do not.
  As already mentioned in this thread, you may be able to work around it to
some extent with an IrDA interface, as it appears Infra Red is more prevalant
than RS232 on PDAs.

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  Yes, but only a few select models, and expensive at that.  And from what I
remember reading, you can't use any USB/RS232 interface, it has to be designed
for the PDA, AND the PDA needs to support host-side USB comms for it to work
(very few do).
   Not really a viable option IMO, unless it's a one-off, you already have the
PDA, and are not willing to spend at least that much again to crossgrade to a
different brand PDA that does have RS232.

  It would be a much better option to do your homework _before_ buying the PDA
(exactly as you're doing now).
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Re: RS232 on PocketPC

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There aren't many Pocket PC (new name for CE) devices which have a real
RS-232 port.  There are adapters for the iPAQ to connect to a 9-pin
RS-232 device, but I haven't personally tried it, so I don't which pins
are actually connected or what the support looks like from the Pocket PC

As for USB, you should be aware that USB is not like RS-232 in that USB
requires a USB Host (master) and USB Devices (slaves).  Most PDAs are
only capable of acting as USB Devices, and can't host.  Naturally, most
RS-232 to USB adapters are also exclusively USB Devices and also can't
host.  This means that connecting a PDA to a USB-to-RS-232 adapter is
unlikely to work.  I have read that Toshiba and Casio both produce PDAs
which have USB Hosting capability and I know that there is a Compact
Flash card that will endow that capability to an iPAQ or to a Zaurus.

I own a Zaurus, but if you're looking exclusively for Pocket PC
solutions, you won't want this -- it runs Linux.


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