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I am just wondering if anyone has heard of or used the DProm product from
Compu Tech Labs Inc. ( or Applied Data Systems Inc, if I look on the PCB)?
My company has a few of these lying around, some of which are no longer
working (they are from somewhere around 1991 I believe, long before my

These are an interface directly into the flash socket of our boards, and
connect to the RS232 port of a PC, allowing you to send the hex
representation of a compiled flash firmware image directly to this device.
This really speeds up the write/compile/test cycle, as there is no need to
re-burn the flash chip every time and plug it on our board to run newly
compiled firmware.
I'd like to get more similar devices, but not sure quite where to look.

I'm new to embedded development, and not sure if these devices are
commonplace or not, but I haven't been able to find anything like it
searching on the net.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Re: RS-232 Downloadable PROM

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If this is just an eight bit memory product then there are several products
that are out there. I have a Dataman S3 which serves for this purpose as
well as blowing EPROMs (I have had this for quite a long time now). These
are know as EPROM programmers and you should check for serial interfacing.

I have other devices that connect to the parallel port that will allow me
to stack them for 16 or 32bit memory as well. They are called ROM Emulators
which is a term that may help a bit in your search.

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Re: RS-232 Downloadable PROM
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M-Systems was working on a flash chip with a
USB cable for such an application.  I don't
know if they ever brought it to market.

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