ROM based flash routine addresses for Motorola

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I am trying to find the ROM based flash routines for a HC08QT4. I found the
application notes for flash routines in ROM for several other versions of
the HC08 but not the QT4. The ones listed do not point to any op-codes.
There are several JMP codes in the ROM but I don't know what they are for.

Maybe there are no flash routines in ROM for the QT4 and I will just have to
write the routines myself. I was trying to save room on the mpu. Does anyone
know of any ROM routines on the QT4?

Re: ROM based flash routine addresses for Motorola

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I've used the routines in a QY4, I believe they are the same as the

Get a copy of AN1831 if you haven't already.  That note was written
before they made the Qxy products, but is otherwise directly
applicable.  The routines are the same.

Motorola support provided me with the following table (cut and pasted
from the email):

MCU's ->    GR8    KX8    JL3/    JB8    GT16/    QY4..
                JK3        GT8    QT1
GETBYTE    $1C99    $1000    $FC00    $FC00    $1B50    $2800
RDVRRNG    $1CAD    $1003    $FC03    $FC03    $1B53    $2803
ERARNGE    $1DA0    $1006    $FC06    $FC06    $1B56    $2806
PRGRNGE    $1CEC    $1009    $FC09    $FC09    $1B59    $2809
DELNUS    $1D96    $100C    $FC0C    $FC0C    $1B5C    $280C
ICGTRIM        $1330            $1B5F    $280F
ICGTEST        $1369.        $1B62    $2812

which doesn't line up on my screen, but I think you can figure it out.
RAM, of course, starts at 0x80.


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