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I have put together a little RS232 booster which uses RJ45 connectors
(line powered), around 70 are required,  so I am looking for a little
box with RJ45 cutouts at each end. Around 50mm by 30mm. I don't mind
pulling apart somebody elses product but so far have not found
anything appropriate. Just wondered if anybody had any ideas. The case
should cost no more that A3%2  ($4).

Re: RJ45 case
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Didn't ISDN lines sometimes have an inline terminator between the
phone and the wall, looking like a bulky RJ45-to-RJ45 joiner?

Re: RJ45 case
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I have seen RJ11 gender changers (female-to-female) that are roughly
your dimensions. The end aperture is large enough to hold an RJ45.

Re: RJ45 case
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They also make these for RJ45 stuff.  I have a couple I picke up at
BestBuy on closeout.  I used to use RJ45 for serial stuff back when it
was more common.  I defined a pinout in this form factor that would
allow direct connection of all devices to RJ45 cable without concern
about DCE/DTE due to the swapping in the cable (required that you
install the connecters with a pin1 to pin 8 swap).  Then you can just
forget about geneder benders, etc.

I think the RJ45 to RJ45 I had was from Belkin.  They can't be too
expensive.  I was able to take one apart by separating it at the glue
line.  BTW, it did swap pins, so I was able to use it to extend


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