reg Scatter Load files in ADS1.2

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Hi all,

Am not sure if this is the right group to post it or not. If not,
please direct me to the correct group. Posted the same question in
comp.sys.arm but didn't get any response. :(

I have a doubt in scatterload files.

What is the difference between .ANY and * module-selector-patterns?

I believe that there is a limitation in ADS1.2 that would prevent us
from having a single region greater than 4MB. As a result, if we have
code that exceeds 4MB, we need to have multiple smaller RO regions.

In this case, we will have to use .ANY and not * so as to obey the size
limitations. Am I right? Is this the only difference between .ANY and

Any pointers in this regard, will be extremely helpful.


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