Recommended Brands for NVRAM

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I am looking for recommendations on brands of non volatile sram.  I
want a device on the order of 32k - 512k by 16 bits, long non powered
data retention, and a real time clock would be preferable but not
necessary.  Speed isn't very criticical as I am running a 30 MHz bus
clock with controllable wait states, so most memory devices will
probably be a lot faster than my bus.

I have looked at Dallas-Maxim, but their devices are fairly expensive.
Texas Instruments has some, but they are known for supply issues on
their memory.  One manufacturer, ZMD I think, recently got bought up by
another firm, Simtek I think, so they may not be a good choice right

Has anybody here have a good experience with a particular brand, that
is reasonablly priced, that you would recommend?

Re: Recommended Brands for NVRAM
no_spam_ says...
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Have you considred the FRAM products by RamTron:

I haven't used the parallel versions, but I have used the SPI serial
versions in a few projects.
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Mark Borgerson

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