Recommendation for Code Browser for Asm51?

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Can anyone recommend a good tool of Code Browser for Asm51?
I use Source Insight , but it seems that it does not support asm51

Re: Recommendation for Code Browser for Asm51?
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I'd be interested to hear of any, too, but I have serious doubts
anyone would have bothered creating one.  My reason for this suspicion
is that if there's so much source code you need a browser to navigate
around it, it has no business being written in assembly.

A major problem is that there's *too many* "things" such a browser
would have to assume to browsable objects that it has to display.
E.g. it would typically have to consider each and every label a
browsable item, since the standard '51 assembler language doesn't have
local labels (except in macro bodies).

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