RealView or Green Hills for ARM? Opinions?

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I am getting ready to begin my first project using an ARM core.  We are
porting embedded software from an existing product that uses a Motorola
56311 DSP to a new design that uses an ARM 966E-S based ASIC.  I am in
the process of choosing the compiler/toolset that we will use for this
project.  I have narrowed my list down to the RealView Developer Suite
from ARM and MULTI from Green Hills Software.

I have looked at RVDS briefly and I was not impressed.  The IDE seemed
like an unfinised product.  If I choose RVDS I would probably dump the
IDE and use CodeWright and makefiles.  The evaluation CD for MULI is on
the way.  

I am most concerned about the effieciency of the compiler and the
quality of the IDE.  ARM and Green Hills each say they have the most
efficient compiler (what did I expect to hear).

Is there anyone out there who has experience with these tools that is
willing to share some of what they have learned?



Re: RealView or Green Hills for ARM? Opinions?
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Hi Mike,

depending on your estimated program size and planned usage of the
Thumb mode, I would like to add a third option to your compiler list.
The IAR compiler is VERY good with Thumb and can compete with both
Green Hills and ARM regarding speed. We used evaluation versions of
all three and found the most significant difference in the compactness
of the IAR Thumb code. If code size is of maximum concern for you, it
might be a good idea to check the IAR as well.

Cheers, Schwob

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