read files from CF in ML402 with Virtex-4 using EDK

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I am new to FPGA based designing using Xilinx EDK. I need some help i
reading files from CF using SysAceMPU interface. My c-code just freezes i
XMD when i include the statement..

psFile = sysace_fread("A:\myfile.txt", "r");

If i don't include this statement, ie don't access the CF, then th
program runs and sends data through the UART as I expect it to do.

I have connected the MPA, MPD, OE, CE, WEN, SysAceClk, MPIRQ and IR
signals from the SysAceMPU to the FPGA. Also, the microblaze interrupt an
the opb bus interrupt is set to IRQ of the sysace. There is no porblem wih
my ucf either.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


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