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Re: Free FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 filesystem (C)
larwe schrieb:
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Look at the chapter 'Mount options for vfat' in the MOUNT(8) manual page.


   Defines the behaviour for  creation  and  display  of  filenames
   which fit into 8.3 characters. If a long name for a file exists,
   it will always be preferred display. There are four modes:


Re: Free FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 filesystem (C)
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yes - if I mount the filesystem as vfat I can tell it to show names.
"sudo mount dostest mnt_here/ -o loop -o uid50%0 -t vfat -o

The problem I was trying to avoid was using long file names since dosfs
does not support them. So before I did the mount with -t msdos. It does
not accept the shortname options. With vfat it seems the files are
created with uppercase names, even if I enter lowercase ones. Bizarre.
In any case changing the memcmp to strncasecmp as I recommended to
Larwe is optional, but I believe useful to extend fsdos portability.

I really don't understand the difference between the linux file types
of msdos, umsdos, and vfat.

Thanks for the suggestion, ~Steve

Re: Free FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 filesystem (C)

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I believe that MSDOS does not support long file names, while VFAT does.

UMSDOS is a filesystem that emulates unix file system functionality on
top of a DOS (FAT) filesystem, such as permissions, ownership, etc.

It was used in the old days for running linux on a DOS partition without
having to repartition your drive. It is crucially important that if you
use umsdos, you do not touch the files when inside DOS/windows :)



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