raisonance plus Rlink - any issues?

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I am still trying to sort out a set of tools for the STM32 (and possibly
other ARM processors). I know there have been several discussions on
here. I have very little money as I am essentially a hobby user.

Raisonance RIDE7 and the ARM toolit provide what appears to be a good
IDE and a version of the GNU ARM tools. It is free and unrestricted. So
far I quite like it. To program and debug a real target from within
RIDE, it seems I would need an RLINK JTAG device at about 55. Debugging
would be limited to 32k of code. If I didn't want to debug the target
and could live with a simulator, I can use the free ST serial bootloader
software but that is a bit clunky.

I have a restricted version of IAR workbench and a J-Link JTAG device.
The restriction is 32k generated code but I think the debugging is
unrestricted. This works very well but I certainly can't afford a full
version of the IAR compiler and the IDE is a bit stone-age.

There is Rowley Crossworks. It all seems to look good and I can use the
J-Link that I have. The personal license is 88 and is unrestricted
apart from the non-profit constraint. I believe Rowley also use the GNU

I definitely don't want to be messing with a bunch of different tools
for different purposes if I can help it at all.

It looks like my most cost-effecive option for an integrated set of
tools is Raisonance and the expense of a 32k debugging limit which I can
live with. My projects are small robots and interactive debugging is
tricky when they are dashing about.

Anyone got any opinion about the Raisonance tools and Rlink? Or would I
be better off stumping up for the Rowley tools and use my J-Link?

Pete Harrison

Re: raisonance plus Rlink - any issues?
On Thu, 31 Jul 2008 23:19:11 +0100, Peter Harrison

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If you are considering the Luminary Cortex-M3 devices, then you can
get an IDE with an unlimited version of gcc with a dev-kit. The IDE is
from Code-Red. http://www.code-red-tech.com Debugging is unlimted
for the MCU on the dev kit PCB. Any luminary dev kit is also a JTAG
programmer and debugger for your own hardware. For the debugging you
need a full license from Code-red, but the programming works. Code Red
provide a non intrusive view of your running app on the Cortex-M3.
i.e. there is no slowdown or impact on your code at all, but they can
provide register content, profiling, interrupt stastistics etc. The
new version will have global memory location reading as well.

  Anton Erasmus

Re: raisonance plus Rlink - any issues?
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I was wondering if the tools from Raisonance (Ride7 and RLink9 can be
used to program/debug the LuminaryMicro devices too? Does anybody has
experience with that?
Raisonace does not officialy support LuminaryMicro. Any help would be



Re: raisonance plus Rlink - any issues?

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Have you played with them much? For my money, the Raisonance tools are
irritatingly slow to download and start debugging.

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