R-2R pack source?

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I found that my PWM DAC is too noisy, so I'm trying to make an R-2R DAC
(8-bit).  I'd like to use one of the thin-film integrated parts (like
what Bourns or BI-Tech makes) but all the distributors I check show no-

Anyone know of part suitable for R-2R use that's readily available?


Re: R-2R pack source?
On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:50:55 GMT, in comp.arch.embedded H

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I'd try and find out why it was noisy


Re: R-2R pack source?

snipped-for-privacy@XXyahoo.co.uk says...
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Well...it's noisy because it's PWM!  Without a lot of filtering, one
will usually get 5-10 mV of noise.


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