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I am looking to add a small qwerty keyboard to my project (has an Atmel MCU
and LCD). Do not want to use PS2 keyboards. Where can I get a small keyboard
(like the one used in handheld organizers/PDAs/databanks)? Hope someone
could give me some pointers. Thanks!!

Re: qwerty keyboard
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PDAs and databank devices use custom keyboards. The housing for the
appliance is an engineered part of the keyboard.

Chicony (and other mfrs for that matter; Alps I think) makes some small
standard keyboard modules for laptops. That's about as close as you're
likely to get, in standard parts.

If you just want to build a prototype, I can probably find you one or
two small laptop size keyboards (they come out to a raw matrix, no
onboard circuitry at all). They were originally supplied with Cirrus
EDB7212 eval boards. But respond quickly, because I'm moving offices and
throwing away (or worse, filing) a lot of junk.

Re: qwerty keyboard
Thanks for the offer, Lewin. I think I will just use a PS2 keyboard for
prototyping and then work on adding a custom keyboard later. BTW, I have
your book and it is great!!! It is a good book for beginners as well as
experienced designers new to ARM based processors.

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Re: qwerty keyboard
You can try this: www.halfkeyboard.com. I'm sure it's not what your
thinking but it works well. I have one.

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