Question about Cybertec's Crossfire tools for Coldfire

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Does anyone know about the quality of Cybertec Pty Ltd's tools for the
Coldfire processor as well as their BDM unit. Is it any good, is it worth
the price, is it better that what I could get from GNU. What is the
advantage to buying these tools instead of compiling my own. By the way,
Cybertec is located in Australia, here is their web site: /

Please reply concerning the tools for either Windows or Linux.

They want about $124 for the compiler GCC and debugger GDB with a driver for
their BDM interface. The BDM interface is $113.

Please reply to this newsgroup.

Thank you

Re: Question about Cybertec's Crossfire tools for Coldfire

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I haven't tried their Coldfire tools, but the gdb support for the 68332 bdm
cable I use came from them - I think Cybertec are the (unofficial?)
maintainers for gdb+bdm support.  It's a while since I had trouble with the
tools, but there were certainly very helpful and experienced (after all,
they wrote the patches!) Cybertec guys on the Coldfire mailing list.  I
would guess that you'll be hard pushed getting a bdm interface for much less
than their price, and unless you are experianced building gcc+friends
yourself (or want such experiance - it's quite fun, really), $124 will save
you a lot of time and effort.

Re: Question about Cybertec's Crossfire tools for Coldfire
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Do you know if the Cybertec adaptor is a true Macraigor Wiggler Clone ?

If yes, instead buy Chameleon POD from The Chameleon
POD is a reconfigurable PODs. It can works as a true Raven or a true
Wiggler, as a true ByteBlaster and many other popular Dongle. Comes with
adapter, flyer leads, USB Power Cable ...


Re: Question about Cybertec's Crossfire tools for Coldfire
The guys at Cybertech are not only very knowledgeable but the ones I've
chatted with are also very nice & helpful.  These are the same people that
used to be called SnapGear & that initially came up with the uClinux port
(from my understanding).   They've been very candid with me about what's in
their publicly selling distribution -vs- what you can download & for that
reason if I would buying tools for a company I would definately spend the $.
For hobby/personal knowledge usage...  You might try to get one of the
Coldfire Boards from Avnet... I got one from them for gratis.   The uClinux
distribution that comes with the Avnet board is definately based upon the
SnapGear/Cybertech distribution. .... so you make the choice.  They are
definately a very knowledgeable group of firmware folks.

Best Regards,

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