[Q][PC-ISA] Reset Drive Minimal Pulse Length?

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concerning the minimal pulse lenght for an ISA-Bus compliant Reset
signal, I do not see any figures on the internet.

Is there a specification that defines the minimum pulse length
of an ISA-BUS Reset Signal for "RESET DRV"?

Especially is there a requirement on a PC if the user
pushes the manual reset button.

Has the reset signal - per definition, to be glitch free, or is
it the directly the signal from the mechanical switch without
a minimum requirement for passive RC debouncing?

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Re: [Q][PC-ISA] Reset Drive Minimal Pulse Length?
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Closest "reference" at-hand is the Mindshare book "ISA System
Architecture" - according to them, the RESET signal needs to transition
directly in time with system clock, and that it is normally buffered
from the POWERGOOD power supply signal with an inverter.  Not much more
detail on hold times or glitching.

This implies that connecting directly to the front-panel button wouldn't
be reliable, and that it should be clocked in (and probably debounced).


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