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has anyone of you ever dealt with IR I/O? I mean all those neat things with
remote control, data xchange between computers and different devices (cell
phones, whatever)?

I have a few questions.

1. Do all of those widely spread commercial IR devices work using the same
physical protocol (the freq/wavelength range, modulation (pulse modulation
supposedly), etc)?

2. Are you aware of any cheap IR ports (or IR-photo diode / IR-LED pairs)
for PCs, which aren't equipped with such (e.g. may have only a UART-IR
transciever on the mobo or nothing at all)?

3. Do you know any cheap and easy to use (sorry, easy to connect & solder :)
UART-IR transcievers with IR diode pairs?

What I want is interfacing of a custom device with a PC wirelessly. And this
interfacing should be both easy to implement (little of circuitry and of
course preferrably cheap) and easy to use (for a dumb device & PC user).
I've seen a few chips that kinda transform regular UART RX/TX into IR, but
I'm not really sure it's all that simple. I'm concerned of the
compatibility, want to make sure I can interface the device with a regular
desktop PC and this should probably work just fine with notebooks, but I've
never tried.

Please advise.


Re: Q: infrared I/O
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No. Different consumer electronics IR use different methods though there are
some standards out there. PCs and PDAs use another standard (IrDA).

Re: Q: infrared I/O
Alexei A. Frounze schrieb:

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You might look here:
http://www.vishay.com/ir-transceivers /


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