pxa255 & PCI

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Anybody had a chance to implement PCI bus on
pxa255-based machine?
Is there any ready made bridge chip (say, from Intel, or not)
so that I won't need to deal with FPGA programming...?

Re: pxa255 & PCI
Why not using a ready made macro-component built around a pxa255 ? See for
example the ARMCore module from Compulab (www.compulab.co.il).

Robert Lacoste
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Re: pxa255 & PCI

There is a general purpose interface chip from ITE available in taiwan
(IT8051) which gives you amongs other things a full m/t pci 33 bridge to the
Intel Xscales
http://www.ite.com.tw/ it is probably not in there product list but
asked them, maybe they can still deliver.
Another possibility is to look for another Intel Xscale ship e.g in the 400
serie, they have PCI onboard and very good implementation as well!!!
Another possiblity is to take a altera/xilinx fpga and interface to pxa
memory bus and pci ip core (look at www.nmi.co.uk)


ron proveniers

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Re: pxa255 & PCI

Me again,
sorry made mistake ite chip is IT8152.

Maybe you also have a look at:
http://www.advantech.com/products/Model_Detail.asp?model_id=1-KOVMD&PD =



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