PTCRB GSM approval requirements

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I am looking to deploy a GSM based device in the USA as well as
various places around the world. The module we are using comes with
PTCRB and carrier approval, however as I understand it we need to get
our own PTCRB and Carrier approval, based on these approvals. We will
only be selling maybe 200 a year in the USA, are we liable to get
under the radar or do we need to get approvals, not very cost

Re: PTCRB GSM approval requirements

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Unless you do something freaky, or you in some way cost the carriers
lots of money, it is unlikely that they will do anything to your

AT&T at least has become more proactive about identifying what exactly
is connected to its networks (by IMEI); they show pictures of your
phone in your account info, based on whatever phone the SIM was last
in. But they don't actively block anything that I'm aware of - not
even the Chinese phones with fake IMEIs. If you think about it, your
application is really no different from a traveler roaming with his
non-local-carrier-evaluated phone.

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