Protection circuits

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Hi everybody,
after a lot of google-research looking for practical information about ho
to protect integrated circuits from external world, i have thrown in th

Does anyone have suggestions?
In particular, I want to protect a video processor (SAA7113) from signal
coming from a RCA connector (composite video), just in case somebody make
a wrong connection.
I think it is a ESD related stuff.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Protection circuits
Have you tried transient protection. See %

Although these device add a significant capacative load which your
circuit may not be able to tolerate. The easiest method is often series


Re: Protection circuits

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First of all aquaint yourself with my series oif articles, "Reading the
World" and Writing the World". This series of four articles deals with real
world interface problems in general. You can find them at:

The main trick is to think about limiting unwanted energy.

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