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Re: Project Suggestions???

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I don't really expect the bulk of PC mainboards to be transported by air.
Or if so, they might not have the battery installed yet.

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Those are special, because their power source is not exported to the
outside.  I.e. sort of someone banging on the thing with a hammer, the
juice can't escape.

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Re: Project Suggestions???
On Fri, 29 Apr 2005 10:09:47 -0700, the renowned "Bob"

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Yes, there are various exceptions, but it's quite complex. As I said,
we ran into issues with garden-variety dry cells.

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Re: Project Suggestions???
To say nothing of battery powered laptops or check in luggage where all
sorts of powered electrical equipment (electric razors, clocks, cell
phones, radios) are routinely shipped.

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