programmer for 68HC705J1

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a programmer for 68HC705J1 PIC ?



Re: programmer for 68HC705J1

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Made by MicroScale Semiconductor?  Or is that FreeChip?


Tim Wescott
Wescott Design Services
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Re: programmer for 68HC705J1
In cleaning out my basement after a flood, I came across a 68HC05J1A
development kit that includes the programmer, all manual, a few
68HC05J1A in DIP package, and a few other goodies (no, it wasn't
damaged in the flood).  I never used it (I ended up with two of these
somehow).  I don't know if the J1A variant is the chip you are looking
for, but I would be happy to send you the entire kit for the cost of
shipping.  The only thing you would need is an EPROM eraser (the J1A
was a windowed part).

Email me at if you would like, and we can arrange the
details if you'd like.

John Orlando

Re: programmer for 68HC705J1
Sorry but i haven't an EPROM eraser.
But i think there are not a lot of realisations of this programmer.



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