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I'm looking for some additional information concernig profibus dp.
Especially I'm looking for detailed description for FDL and DP SAPs.
How do they work?
For example what the SAP49 or SAP51 do, or
what is "resource manager" and how it works?
Are there any online manuals available somewhere?


Re: profibus dp
You get a CD with all the standards when you join the PTO.

16101 N. 82nd Street, Suite 3B
Scottsdale, AZ 85260-1830
Phone: 480-483-2456 / Fax: 480-483-7202

The following documents are included on this CD. All documentation is
in PDF file format, readable and printable with Acrobat Reader
software. If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, please
download and install the free software first.
B7% # 0.032 Profibus Specification (FMS, DP, PA)

PROFIBUS Technical Description
B7% # 4.002 Profibus Technical Description

B7% # 2.032 Test Specifications for PROFIBUS DP Slaves
B7% # 2.062 Test Specifications for PROFIBUS PA Devices
B7% # 2.072 Test Specifications for PROFIBUS DP Masters (Draft)
B7% # 2.082 Profibus DP Extensions
B7% # 2.092 Profibus PA User + Installation Guideline (Draft)
B7% # 2.102 GSD Specification for Profibus FMS
B7% # 2.112 Installation Guideline for Profibus DP / FMS
B7% # 2.122 Specification for Profibus Device Description and Device
Integration, Vol. 1: GSD Specification
B7% # 2.142 Profibus Interconnection Technology
B7% # 2.152 Specification of Profibus Electronic Device Description
B7% # 2.162 Specification for Profibus Device Description and Device
Integration, Vol. 3: FDT Interface Specification
B7% # 2.172 DTM Styleguide
B7% # 2.182 Profibus Communication and Proxy Function Blocks According
to IEC 61131-3
B7% # 2.192 Time Stamp (Draft)
B7% # 2.202 PROFInet - Architecture Description and Specification
B7% # 2.212 Specification Slave Redundancy
B7% # 2.222 PROFInet Certification - Test Specification (Draft)
B7% # 2.232 PROFIsafe - Requirements for installation, Immunity and
Electrical Safety
B7% # 2.242 PROFIsafe - Test Specification
B7% # 2.252 Installation Guide - PROFInet
B7% # 2.262 Profibus RS-485IS - User and Installation Guideline
B7% # 2.282 PROFIsafe Policy
B7% # 2.312 Profile for HART on Profibus
B7% # 2.322 Test Specification for Profibus DP-V2 Master and Slave
B7% # 2.342 XML@PROFIBUS
B7% # 2.352 Specification for GSDML
B7% # 2.362 EDDL Enhancement

B7% # 3.002 Profile for Communication between Controllers
B7% # 3.042 Profile for Process Control Devices
B7% # 3.052 Profile for NC/RC Controllers
B7% # 3.062 Profile for Encoders
B7% # 3.072 Profile for Variable Speed Drives
B7% # 3.082 Profile for HMI Devices (Draft)
B7% # 3.092 PROFIsafe - Profile for Safety Technology
B7% # 3.102 HART (Draft)
B7% # 3.112 Fluid Power Technology
B7% # 3.122 Low Voltage Switchgear
B7% # 3.132 Remote I/O for Process Automation
B7% # 3.142 Identification Systems
B7% # 3.152 Semi-Conductor Devices
B7% # 3.172 PROFIdrive - Profile Drive Technology
V:\PTO DOC CD 0042 ver012104.doc

Re: profibus dp

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How much does joining the PTO cost?
Or might it be cheaper to buy the documents at the ISO?



Re: profibus dp
My Companies Membership dues were $5,000


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