Problem with USB enumeration... -> now with link to CATC trace...

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i have a self developed device which has problem with USB device enumeration
(posted this already a while ago).
Meanwhile i borrowed a USB analyzer to make a trace of the enumeration
process with a WinXP.
But i don't see what fails. At which fields must i have a special look at ?

I see that a GET_DESCRIPTOR is sent, then a SET_ADDRESS request.
This sequence is repeated 3 times and WinXP tells me unknown device, VID and
PID are both zero...

Are there some USB experts in the group who can have a quick look at the
recorded trace ?
I have put it (20 KB, where i removed
everything then real requests / answers) (Attention 20 MegaBytes, raw trace)

It is in CATC USB Tracer format. My device is a USB 2.0 FS device.
(BTW: Can i tell CATC USB tracer only to record real requests / answers, not
SOF and other, at the moment not useful (?) data ?)

Regards and many thanks for help,


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