Problem with new ICOP Mity SoC

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Our company has been developing a new product
for many months. We have been using Mity SoC
(DM&P, ALi M6117D A1, 0322 TS05 XBU95391000D)
in developing process.

We just received a large pack with many new Mity SoC's
from Taiwan -- because we finished developing and
would like to start production.

We put a new Mity SoC (DM&P ALi M6117D A1, 0412 TS05
XBW65061000D) into our device and turned
power on. Nothing happened -- even the HDD LED didn't blink.
We checked many of new Mity SoC's -- situation is the same.

Everything is OK with old Mity SoC.

Is there anything changed in the new model of Mity SoC,
so we shall re-design our device's electrical circuit?

Maybe we should do something more to make Mity SoC working...

Thanks in advance,

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