Problem with graphic mode on TFT panel

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I ask you help to solve a problem with which I recently faced.
Needs values of CRTC and others registers, for correct conclusion of
the image in graphic mode VESA 0x101 (640x480x8bpp) on TFT Panel by
Sharp (Model: LQ038Q5DR01, QVGA) for OS DOS. May be you have ready
ROM-file for BE utility, solving given problem. I shall be grateful for
any information on an interesting theme. Yours faithfully Vladimir.

Re: Problem with graphic mode on TFT panel
In comp.arch.embedded,
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QVGA = Quarter VGA = 320x240 pixels, so no 640x480

Look up the datasheet of the LCD and the LCD controller and it's not
that hard to calculate the required register values.

And what's a ROM-file for BE utility?

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