Problem with GDB (PowerPC simulator)

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I am trying to get GDB to load PowerPC code, using the included
The test ELF file is a code image occupying 0x50000..0x5BFFF
The code builds clean, using GCC/LD.

The problem is, GDB fails trying to load the ELF file.
Can anyone see anything wrong with my GDB commands?

Tool versions are:
$ powerpc-eabi-gcc   gcc version 3.4.2
$ powerpc-eabi-ld    GNU ld version 2.15
$ ddd                GNU DDD 3.3.9  // Ordinary Cygwin version
$ powerpc-eabi-gdb   GNU gdb 6.0
The GDB is version 6.0, as later versions fail to build for the
"powerpc-eabi" target.

<Transcript:  Run under Cygwin, version 2.427>
$ startx

// Now in X-window...

$ ddd --debugger powerpc-eabi-gdb myprog.elf
GNU DDD 3.3.9 ...

// DDD window opens. First test-code lines are displayed

(gdb) target sim -t gdb
Connected to the simulator.
(gdb) load
sim_calls.c:126: sim_load(prog=/cygdrive/y/myprog.elf, from_tty=0)
sim_calls.c:130: sim_load() - first time, create the simulator

// Here's the problem!

/openprom/init/load-binary: broken transfer


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