PPC603 LSRL / JTAG COP Protocol Information

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Does anyone know where we might be able to find some information on the JTAG
COP protocol for a rather old processor?  The Serial Number is:
XPC603AFE80CB, meaning it's an Alpha Original chip.  The PVR is 0x00030302.
We are looking for this information to try to support a JTAG interface.  The
board and hardware are not modifiable for our test environment, since it is
meant to match our target hardware which is a few hundred miles up in space

We also know that at one time IBM Riscwatch was used to debug the hardware
for validation and test.  However, when everything was moved over to our
facility, those units were lost in transition between us and a legal issue
that arose over the original program.

That aside, this information stands in the way of us being able to do a
better job of debugging our hardware with more than a Logic Analyzer and a
simulated PPC to see what the code execution path is.

If there is any information to be had out there, we would appreciate help.
So far all of the JTAG vendors are unable to provide support.

Any responses may go to me at:

mailto: snipped-for-privacy@boeing.com


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