polyphonic tones generation

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Do anyone know about FMS for polyphonic tones generation?
I am working on FMS( Frequency Modulation Synthesis), but found that it is
difficult to find out the envelop, C:M ratio for some instrument, say piano.
Can anyone kindly help me on this?


Re: polyphonic tones generation

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I'm not sure what your asking, but when I used to synthesize real musical
instruments and sounds, I found it very helpful to capture the actual
instrument tones on a storage oscilloscope and dial in my synthesis
visually. Piano BTW is an extremely difficult instrument to emulate due to
the complex mechanical attack characteristics and the harmonic interaction
between strings due to sympathetic vibration.


Re: polyphonic tones generation
I am pretty sure you will find TONS of papers on this subject as it has been
a popular synthesis approach since about 1980. Yamaha's DX7  for instance. I
recall a great deal of Stamford notes on the subject.

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Re: polyphonic tones generation

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You will also want to search for Chowning as far as FM synthesis goes.

For instance, from google...





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