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Please use wxWidgets, the multiplatform C++ class library. It's free, open-source
and non-commercial. It's modelled after MFC but it produces code which can
be compiled (using conditional compilation) into native code executables with
the speed and UI look of the platform for which the compile is targeted. So
the Windows executable looks like (and is) a real Windows program, the Mac
OS X executable looks like (and is) a native Mac OS X program and the Linux
executable is and looks like a real Linux/GTK+ application. It has been in
development by a band of open-source programmers led by Julian Smart for over
a decade (12 years to be exact)!

So code in wxWidgets and your program will run on both Windows, Mac OS X and
Linux, natively. Three for the price of one! And it's much easier to use than
MFC. Dialogs and windows are easy to design using the DialogBlocks WYSIWYG
UI creator (not free and commercial, but low cost). So prepare your software
to be independent of platform yet still look 'native' and be prepared for the

wxWidgets also runs on Windows Mobile/Windows CE and MicroWindows/Linux and
is therefore also ideal for embedded applications.

See for more information.

(this has been a non-commercial presentation)

Re: Please use wxWidgets
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"The class library terrorists prefer!"


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