Playstation controller connector - where to buy?

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I have design concept that will use an off-the-shelf Playstation
controller. Therefore, I'm looking for the Playstation connector into
which the controller plugs. This would be the connector that would be
inside the Playstation/Playstation 2.

I've found the Playstation dual-controller connector assembly, but I
don't want that. Instead, I'd just like the board-mount version of this
connector. It would be even better if I could find board mount versions
of both genders of this connectors.

I know these parts are available as evidenced by the large number
aftermarket playstation controller gadgets. I suspect I'll have to get
them from somewhare in Asia.

Anyone got any leads on this? Lewin?


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Re: Playstation controller connector - where to buy?
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Sorry. When we wanted a part like this, we would just ask our HK agent
and they would ask around the distris in Taiwan. I never heard of any
of those company names (that they found), before or since. Chinese
manufacturers. I THINK from memory the original part is made by
Yamaichi but I may be on crack.

(Now I work for a multinational conglomerate (roflmao), the process is
even more opaque. I write a spec ex cathedra, the manufacturers try to
meet it).

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