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Are somebody using Picoweb to create small application.
I'm not a assembler guru but have some question ?



Re: Picoweb Project
On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:41:53 +0100, in comp.arch.embedded Otto

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do you mean from
www.picoweb.net ?

I was just browsing that site and noticed that it has not been updated
since 2000
e.g.  http://www.picoweb.net/downloads.html
"Last modified: November 10, 2000"


 Serious error.
   All shortcuts have disappeared.
      Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

Re: Picoweb Project
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Yes I know. Thanks


Re: Picoweb Project
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Go ahead.  Many folks here have experience with the AVR.  I've built the
breadboard version of PicoWeb, but I've not used his source code.

Also, if your questions are very PicoWeb-specific, you could also ask
Bruce Lightner directly.  I found him very willing to answer questions.


Re: Picoweb Project
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I have a source and can't do what I wont. I like to modify it, but have
some problem. And I won't disturb this forum with my source!

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I send 2 or three e-mails to lightner but never get any answer!


Re: Picoweb Project
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OK, so the problem is that you are adding an input button and it is not
working properly, right?

I see the button is connected to PortD, pin 2 (the 3rd pin).

1) You need a pull-up resistor on the input signal so it will return to
a known state (+5v) when the button is not pressed, otherwise it will
"float" when not pressed and the value will fluctuate / be undefined.

You can activate the AVR's internal pull-up by writing a 1 (sbi) on its
output pin when in input mode.  You need to watch that this doesn't
accidentally get changed if you do byte output to the port.
     sbi     REL_PORT,SWITCH

Or, you can add a resistor (say, 10k) between +5v and the input.  Lower
values will work faster but draw more current from the AVR.

2) FYI, when you eventually have the button do more than just "reset"
the relay state, you will need to read-up on "de-bouncing".  The switch
actually make/breaks contact many times when being pressed once - this
works fine for a "reset" action which can execute many times on one
press, but it will cause you headaches in other uses.

3) You don't seem to be checking the input bit for a value anywhere.
This would seem appropriate to do in the AVR_Slow section, though you're
probably more familiar with the stucture for Picoweb's.  From how your
code is structured, it seems you could just check the input and clear
the port bits there.


Re: Picoweb Project
Hello Richard

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Many thanks for all your information. If you give me your e-mail, I can
send you a link to see how it work!



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