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Hello to all
I just bought a Ethernet MicroWebServer Kit. This kit is
using the picoweb OS.
Every think work well on my LAN. Now I like to make a
access form outside (the web). For that I'm using my
ADL-Router ZyXel who can make IP forwarding.
I already tested with the following NAT Forwarding port:
Start Port End Port          IP
80         80     (IP form MWS)
But for security and that I can use more MWS on the same
LAN, I like to use a another port on the MWS.

I didn't find any information in the Picoweb /BIN or /LIB
directory's! I'm also not a assembler or c guru.

My question, did already somebody have had the same


PS: I already asked directly to Lightner (The Picoweb
developer), but they didn't give me any answer!

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