PIC24 16-bit MCUs

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I just saw the PIC24 MCUs appear on microchips website. Theyre called
16-bit general purpose. Not much diversity in their chip lines and mips
to MHz ratio is not quite like atmel, but its not 1/4 either. Sad to
see no DIPs.

128kbyte of flash is sweet, but I'd really like to see RTOSes that work
and work well on this chip. I'll look at ucos. Can anyone tell me if
eCos can be ported to 16-bitters?

The amount of flash and the voltage range are the best parts. Can run
down to 2V on this thing.

PIC24H series seems even better, and it seems theyre both somehow pin
compatible with the dsPIC series.

No power consumption ratings shown yet. I'd be interested in those.
Apart from arm thumb, what other MCUs exist in this class?

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