PIC18F1320 and wake-up

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Hello, can anyone help please?

I have code that executes on wake-up from a port interrupt with the CPU
clocked from the Internal oscillator block at 4 MHz. This works fine.

I've now got to add a function whereby every 15 minutes, the CPU wakes
to send a signal to a remote unit to say 'I'm still working' and then
revert to sleep. Low power consumption is a priority with this project.

The 16F684 (and others) have the Ultra Low-power Wake-up (ULPWU) module
and I know I can implement this function externally but having looked
through the data sheet I'm sure this can be done within the CPU, say,
using the SEC_IDLE mode.

Enlightenment would be most welcome.


Re: PIC18F1320 and wake-up
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I've done several projects like this that need to save power.

1) Set up with WDT for the longest time (about 2 seconds).

2) Wake up every 2 seconds and count time - if not done, go back to sleep.

3) When you get to your count. Do the job.  Then go back to sleep.

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Re: PIC18F1320 and wake-up
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