PIC to ISA bus interfacing weird problem

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Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question
I am interfacing pic microcontroller (pic18f452) to
FDC37c672 from SMSC. FDC37c672 has some UART and IrDA
capabilities which I want to explot.

It has an ISA bus interface. I am able to read the
registers from the FDC37C672.
But for some reason I am unable to write to the
FDC37C672 using PIC using C. So, I connected it to
Computer's ISA slot and wrote code Visual C++. On PC,
I am able to read and write to FDC37C672. I am not
sure what is wrong with my circuit. Did anyone ever
face any problem like this. I want to learn from your
Please feel free to suggest me. I can send you
schematics of my PCB board if you are interested in.


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