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and maybe also a stupid question  ...  what is the difference between a PIC
chip (such as a 16F84) and the "A" version (such as a 16F84A) of that same

Re: PIC Simple Question
On Sun, 25 Jul 2004 16:27:43 GMT, "Marlowe"

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     The A (or B) versions that I have seen are just updates of the
original chip.  They usually involve a "shrink" to a newer
manufacturing process and have fixes for errata found in the earlier
chip.  Other than attention to the errata, I am not aware of anything
that the programmer needs to be concerned with.  Sometimes the new
version may have different errata which may be of more concern to a
specific application than what was in the earlier version.

Re: PIC Simple Question

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The 16F84A datasheet will tell you.

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Re: PIC Simple Question
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A small suggestion: don't multipost. I answered your message in another
newsgroup sci.electronics.basics. But here it is again in comp.arch.embedded.

The question is appropriate to both groups. However by posting the same
message individually in both groups you now split your answers, and readers such
as myself now have to read it twice.

Just a friendly suggestion. When you get a chance take a read of my response
in the ...basic newsgroup.


Re: PIC Simple Question

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the A version of any PIC chip is kind of like an update.

e.g. 16F628 and 16F628A

you always go for the A version... unless u are a complete wierdo.

Re: PIC Simple Question
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Or unless you read the data sheet. The 16F628A has different programming
specs than the 16F628. A bitch when it is cheaper but can't be
programmed by the older models of the PicStart +. Some of the A versions
of the 16F87X series also have different programming specs.

Re: PIC Simple Question
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As someone said earlier, the best way to tell is to look at the datasheets and
compare. Some chips have added features as well. The only way to really tell
what is different is to compare the datasheets.

Re: PIC Simple Question
On 26 Jul 2004 04:25:52 GMT, the renowned snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (Gary Kato)

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The other difference you may want to look at is the prices. Later
versions of chips are generally priced lower. This gives manufacturers
an incentive to do the work necessary to update their design to accept
the later chip, or the work to make sure that no changes are required.
OTOH, unlike many other chip makers, Microchip will generally keep
making the older chips so long as there is sufficient demand, so it
might be cheaper to buy the more expensive chips than do the
engineering work, in some cases.

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