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I need an open source program that gets a few JPGs and create a photo
album but not in a web based album, but a bitmap of an album.


input= some JPGs
output = Bitmap with a flexiable style.

If anyone knows of such a program, please reply.

Re: Photo Album
On 13 Nov 2005 04:05:09 -0800, in comp.arch.embedded

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Re: Photo Album
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(a) Irfanview is free, but not open source.
(b) The original request is not clear. What is an "album" ?
* Do you want a program to display pictures sequentially?
* To adorn them with effects, frames, etc.?
* Do you want to combine several pictures into a single one? page?

Search for Imagemagick and the Gimp, for open source image
manipulation software.

Roberto Waltman
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