Philips USB D12 interface

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I am interfacing a DSP to the Philips USB D12. I am a little fuzzy on
exactly what happens during enumeration.

I have the PC will recognize the D12 as soon as I active the pull up
resistor, but then I have no idea what to do.

I assume it will be wanting a device descriptor, and that it will be
wanting it at endpoint 0, but when do you send it? Is the host not
supposed to ask first?

The spec sheet on this part is little to no help on the process of
enumeration. It allows certian commands that sometimes work.

Has anyone had any success with this part? Exactly what order did you
go through to get it to enumerate properly?

Thanks for any help,


Re: Philips USB D12 interface
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The complete specifications are available for free download.  They
will have all the details.

Jack Klein
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Re: Philips USB D12 interface
As well as the site mentioned by Jack, is very useful and


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Re: Philips USB D12 interface
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Hi Brian,

Actually I have Jan's book(LVR). It is quite useful as a reference.
The only thing it don't say is exactly what a Get_Descriptor will look

I have tried asking Phillips for some help, and gotten an indepth
response. I feel confident that should I receive a Get_Descriptor, I
will be able to contine on.

Here is my problem as best as I can describe it:

I set up the D12 with the SetDMA (0x00) and the SetMode (0x16, 0x0B).
This should enable the D12 on the USB bus and wait for a
Get_Descriptor package. I then wait for an interrupt, but all I get is
a Suspend_Change interrupt.

I'll poll and count off 50 interrupts from this point and never get an
interrupt from Control_out or Control_In.... just suspend change.

Is there another setting that needs to be dealt with that is not in
the doccumentation?

If anyone has had success with the PDIUSBD12 I would appreciate your


Rob Reed

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