Philips P89C668: In System Programming through I2C

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Hi all,

I am doing a project, which is based on Philips 8051 microcontroller,

Right now, i have to implement a In system programming in the project.
Unfortunately, my hardware do not has Serial port connected, therefore,
i cannot use the standard ISP Boot ROM and Flash Magic as provided.

However, the only communication i have between controller and the host
is I2C bus.

What i planned to do is to write a Boot loader, which can communicate
with the host through I2C bus, and able to write into the flash memory
of controller, in order to perform ISP/IAP.

Can anyone guide me on this, maybe on i2C communication and ISP,
Because i try IAP, but i failed to write into the memory and i need
someone to guide me on writing the I2c Communication routine in

thanks all for help


Re: Philips P89C668: In System Programming through I2C
visit /

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Re: Philips P89C668: In System Programming through I2C

I have searched thru the philips website, but i failed to do the IAP.

Anyone here try IAP on P89C668 before, can leave me email address or
leave message here, so that i can contact you directly?

my email:

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