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I'm preparing to take the PE exam next April. If anyone here has any advice
on taking it/studying, recommended references etc I'd appreciate it.

My biggest question is decided which afternoon 'depth' module to take.
There's a choice from these 3:

1) power systems--definitely not my thing
2) electronics, controls, communications (ECC)
3) computer engineering

The ECC module--covers a LOT of things that I've not used/seen in the 20+
years since graduating and taking the EIT. However, some of my stronger
suits are in that area (op amp circuits, eg). The Computer engineering
module may be my best shot--- as I've been doing real time embedded
HW/firmware for many of those 20 years. However, the topics in this module
also include several area I know precious little about (OS security, fault
tolerance, Windows OS)-- but it seems to be missing areas that I feel are my
stronger points as well. They claim that 35% of the Computer module is SW
and I'm trying to imagine how you can make a multiple choice problem for SW.
I am very comfortable with C, embedded uC but not too much with OO/C++.

I realize the current PE exam is probably much different format from what
most of you here may have taken, but I'm hoping the general advice will
apply and hopefully someone has recently taken the new multiple choice
format exams and can offer their $0.02 worth...

I've purchased:

Electrical Engineering Reference Manual for the Electrical and Computer PE
Exam, Camara
Six-Minute Solutions for Electrical and Computer PE Exam Problems, Camara

Also, any feedback on HP33S calculator? This is the only programmable
calculator now allowed during the PE exam. Is it worth buying a 2nd
calculator to get the programmability? I already have one of the other
allowable scientific calcs-- and Casio FX-115MS.

Any advice on any /all of this greatly appreciated....



Re: PE exam advice?
I'm in about the same situation as you.

I am leaning towards option 3.

I don't know about the calculator.  I think I will probably get the
HP33s.  Every other calculator I have has subsequently been banned.

For study materials I got the PPI EE Exam package(work paid for it).
It seems fairly complete and has a lot of sample problems.

Where are you located?  If anywhere nearby it would be nice to have
study partner.  I am SE MN.

Bo wrote:
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Re: PE exam advice?
Sorry, I'm no where near MN--- the opposite extreme-- AL.

But, we may be able to help each other via emails and materials? I'm going
to take this offline and email you at the address below. If this is not
correct, let me know.



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