PCI Express Endpoints available?

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Does anyone know of anyone who has a PCI Express endpoint available?
I've seen lots of bridges and switches, but no end points.  I
know FPGA vendors have IP for PCIe, but I'd rather have a dedicated end
point like a PLX PCI inteface.


Greg Deuerling
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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Re: PCI Express Endpoints available?
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There are a couple of solutions:

Syskonnect has a GbE card that I've used successfully

Several companies make PCI Express emulators, which can act as highly
controllable endpoints. In general, they can be configured to look
like almost any sort of endpoint imaginable, and some of them can
inject errors into the bitstream so you can test error handling

Agilent makes one which is pretty well regarded

Good Luck...

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