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is there a way to increase the number of PCI boards connected to a PC104+
motherboard to more than 4?

Are "PCI bridge" known to do this job or not?

Are there any PCI-PCI bridge board in PC104+ format?

Are there some low power 3.3V PCI bridge chip?

Are PCI bridge transparent to the application so that the software
developper (Windows OS) do not care if the PCI board is behind a bridge or

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Re: PCI bus extension
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Don't know.

How low is low?

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If you have a normal PC BIOS, it will automatically configure PCI
bridges.  Windows may know how to do that as well; I'm not sure.  Once
the bridge is configured, the OS and applications don't care whether a
given PCI device is behind the bridge.  Normally there's no noticable
effect.  There's extra latency for signals to propogate through the
bridge, but transfer bandwidth is usually unchanged.  (Theoretical peak
bandwidth may go down as a result of the increased latency.)

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