PC104 PCB Boards for Sale

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Anyone in need of PC104 boards, go to ebay.com and find seller dxer114
auction items.

That is my selling name on ebay.

PC/104 is a standard for PC-compatible modules (circuit boards) that can be
stacked together to create an embedded computer system. These types of
systems are often found in factories, laboratories, and machinery to provide
programmable control of a complex system.

PC/104 systems are very similar to standard desktop PCs but with a different
form factor. The name "PC/104" is derived from this likeness and the special
stackable bus connector having 104 pins. These systems can be programmed
with the same development tools used with full-size PCs which reduces the
need and cost of custom development efforts. Although only about 4" x 4",
PC/104 boards are very powerful for their size. PC/104 products are designed
for minimal power consumption, small foot print, modularity, expandability,
and ruggedness - basic needs of the embedded systems designer.

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