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Excuse me for my little knowledge in pc104.

What is the easiest way to communicate between a pc104 and a ordinary
pc, is it possible by pci slot ?
In order to do that do I need the pc104+ ?


Re: Pc104
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You can plug a PC104 card into an ISA bus connector by using an adaptor
board.  But you may have a problem finding a PC with an ISA bus
connector these days.  They still exist, but have gotten rather pricey.  

You can do the same thing with a PC/104+ board, plugging it into a PCI
slot using an adaptor card.  But I have not seen many of these.  It is
very hard to make an adaptor card that meets the PCI spec, in fact, I
don't think it is actually possible unless a bridge chip is used.  But
look around, I bet they are available somewhere.  


Rick "rickman" Collins

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